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Kaizen Wall of Fame

As Ted and Ron stand in front of NFI's Kaizen Wall of Fame, Ted explains how their team got started documenting & sharing "the simple things" on their kaizen wall of fame after watching and getting inspired by Gemba Academy videos.

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  1. On Our Way to NFI1:02
  2. NFI Introduction6:45
  3. Kaizen Wall of Fame9:10
  4. Safety Bowling3:00
  5. NFI Story Board14:05
  6. Facility Audits3:00
  7. A3 Display Board5:14
  8. Kamishibai Board6:25
  9. NFI's First 5S Event5:38
  10. Mobile Productivity Board7:24
  11. The Lean Office5:28
  12. Kaizen Report Out12:46
  13. The Visual Office5:00
  14. The Lean Impact3:00
  15. Lean Skeptic Turned Believer2:56
  16. NFI Wrap-Up3:11