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The Kick Off

Ron and Rich look on as the team meets to "kick off" a new project.


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work authorization board", Rich shows Ron how they measure what's been done just like their customers do.

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  1. Welcome to Menlo Innovations2:33
  2. Meet Richard Sheridan2:32
  3. The History Of Menlo9:34
  4. Software Project Planning17:38
  5. Work Authorization Board9:04
  6. The Kick Off8:42
  7. Measuring Work10:24
  8. Morning Stand Up Meeting4:10
  9. More on Rich9:48
  10. 2-Person Teams9:56
  11. Culture11:54
  12. Open Book Finance Board6:08
  13. The Interview Process3:52
  14. Babies and Dogs6:10
  15. High Tech Anthropology3:29
  16. High Tech Anthropology Examples10:10
  17. Thomas and Whitney6:37
  18. Share the Joy4:25

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