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Welcome to The Lighthouse for the Blind

If it’s inspiration you need, look no further than The Lighthouse for the Blind. This organization employs an incredible team of people who are blind, deaf, DeafBlind, and/or have other disabilities. In this video, Director of Continuous Improvement Brent Weichers and Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira discuss the organization’s rich history as well as their introduction to continuous improvement.


  • 1:21 - The history of the Lighthouse for the Blind
  • 3:38 - Their prestigious clients
  • 4:49 - How their continuous improvement journey began

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  1. Welcome to The Lighthouse for the Blind07:20
  2. Accessibility Sensibility04:03
  3. Gemba at the Lighthouse08:01
  4. Andon at the Lighthouse03:35
  5. Black Belt Project at the Lighthouse07:23
  6. Lean Transformation at the Lighthouse04:44
  7. Signs of Lean at the Lighthouse14:35