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Black Belt Project at the Lighthouse

Senior Quality Coordinator Dan Kelley explains everything that went into his Six Sigma Black Belt project to Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira.

  • 0:13 - Dan’s Six Sigma Black Belt project
  • 1:22- Achieving their ideal takt time
  • 2:24 - The accessibility features
  • 3:03 - A safety improvement they made
  • 4:55 - About the employees on this particular line
  • 5:49 - What Dan is most proud of

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  1. Welcome to The Lighthouse for the Blind07:20
  2. Accessibility Sensibility04:03
  3. Gemba at the Lighthouse08:01
  4. Andon at the Lighthouse03:35
  5. Black Belt Project at the Lighthouse07:23
  6. Lean Transformation at the Lighthouse04:44
  7. Signs of Lean at the Lighthouse14:35