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Supply Cart Kaizen in the NICU

Ruth Buis, a retired RN and now volunteer, shares a supply cart kaizen from the NICU.

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  1. On our way to Franciscan Health!05:50
  2. Learn how apple sauce saves this hospital $30,000 every year06:28
  3. How the Endoscopy department got started with Kaizen19:19
  4. Advice for those beginning the Lean journey05:14
  5. Standardization in the storerooms05:44
  6. A "Leaned Out" RFA Cart05:27
  7. Checking out the Scope Cabinet09:09
  8. Washing the Scopes07:15
  9. Improving Communication & Safety03:02
  10. A day in the life of two lean thinking nurses20:21
  11. Chest Tube travel bag kaizen04:22
  12. An Emergency Room Physician's take on Kaizen09:57
  13. Welcome to a Lean Thinking NICU08:50
  14. Supply Cart Kaizen in the NICU05:47
  15. Restocking Supplies in the NICU03:03
  16. Baby Skin Care Kaizen in the NICU09:26
  17. NICU Bed Kaizen03:30
  18. Phone System Kaizen02:33
  19. Health Unit Coordinator Visual Control Example02:40
  20. Coffee Machine Kaizen07:03
  21. Baby Clothes Kaizen in the NICU02:46
  22. Emergency Blood Ordering Kaizen02:37
  23. The Lean Pharmacy06:43
  24. Visual Management in the Pharmacy06:46
  25. How the Pharmacy completes hundreds of kaizens per year03:43
  26. Interdepartmental Kaizen06:04
  27. Using Wits over Wallet in the Pharmacy Storeroom05:24
  28. Labeling Lorazepam Improvements03:26
  29. Compounding Recipe Kaizen01:42
  30. Franciscan's 2-Bin Kanban System06:38
  31. Emergency Room Kaizen04:37