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Revisiting the Lean Journey

After false starting the Fireblast team recommitted to the lean journey which included Rick realizing he was part of the problem and needed to change.

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  1. Fireblast Trailer01:31
  2. False Starting the Lean Journey06:36
  3. Revisiting the Lean Journey08:31
  4. It's Time to Train Employees09:11
  5. Why Lean Failed Initially06:46
  6. Working Through the Challenges06:58
  7. Fireblast Morning Meeting Part 108:13
  8. Fireblast Morning Meeting Part 205:29
  9. Fireblast's Lean Journey09:25
  10. Failing to Improve06:53
  11. Lean in the Supply Room05:08
  12. The Lean Leadership Team02:30
  13. Lean Janitorial Supply Area02:39
  14. Working in a Lean Cell02:49
  15. Using Imagination to Improve03:12
  16. Cell Transformation05:38
  17. Flowing at Station 2406:30
  18. Visual Management at Fireblast06:58
  19. Working in Chaos Before Lean05:22
  20. Personal Improvement04:58
  21. Not On Board Initially08:18
  22. Lean Fabrication06:16
  23. Lean Fabrication (Spanish)05:53
  24. What's it Really Like to Work Here?06:47
  25. What's Different About Working at Fireblast?05:00