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The Lean Airplane Hangar

The next time you hear "lean won't work here" you can have them watch this video. Clint Marley, an experienced airplane mechanic, struggled with the concept of lean thinking for many years. But, as you will see in this video he is now totally on board, no pun intended, with lean thinking! Paul Akers also shares how he even implements lean thinking to improving the cockpit of the airplane!

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  1. Welcome to FastCap!6:19
  2. The Lean Kitchen5:36
  3. The Lean Bathroom7:39
  4. Morning Meeting Part 114:19
  5. Morning Meeting Part 26:23
  6. Morning Meeting Part 39:49
  7. Visual Controls & Lean Shipping3:30
  8. The Lean Workshop2:26
  9. U-Shaped Cells & Kanban System3:28
  10. Kanban & Lean Culture7:01
  11. The Lean Printing Room10:00
  12. Pad Printing6:29
  13. New Associates & Lean3:20
  14. Monique5:55
  15. Order Processing5:05
  16. Accounts Receivable3:52
  17. Customer Service5:49
  18. International Sales4:28
  19. Marketing & Graphic Design12:40
  20. The Lean Airplane Hangar14:28
  21. Paul Singh Interview4:47
  22. Alexei Vetkov Interview6:25
  23. Doug VanderWel Interview6:13
  24. Jon Lussier Interview9:59
  25. The FastCap Story3:20
  26. Lean Leadership Advice4:09