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We Are People-Driven

1st Shift Leader, Laura Thomas shows Ron how the Kanban system works as well as how the team drives day-to-day operations.

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  1. Daman Products Trailer2:27
  2. A Brief History of Daman Products12:05
  3. How Lean Made It Worse11:01
  4. Be Careful What You Call It8:21
  5. It's a Great Team, They Help You Out7:28
  6. Management Style - Command and Control vs. Team Leaders4:30
  7. Selling Daman Products8:39
  8. The Sense of Ownership5:33
  9. I've Never Been Treated So Nice3:41
  10. Things Got a Lot Worse Before Getting Better7:45
  11. Award-Winning Improvement3:05
  12. Basically, We Help People9:04
  13. Offering Financial Wellness10:39
  14. A Place for Everything12:02
  15. I Have a Lot of Trust in the Operator5:15
  16. Apparently, It's a Good Place to Work4:47
  17. Driven From the Top8:08
  18. We Are People-Driven7:27
  19. Trust the Employees7:51
  20. Excited About Coming to Work5:31
  21. I Feel Needed2:35
  22. What Happens When I Pull the Last Piece Off the Shelf?5:10
  23. My Favorite Part is the People3:05
  24. Yeah, I've Heard That Before4:40
  25. Everybody Helps Each Other Out1:59
  26. One Silo for the Customer8:01
  27. What Happens When We Get Bigger8:13
  28. This is Your Part of the Business. Run it.8:19
  29. I Remember My Very First Mistake6:05
  30. Wrap Up with Larry Davis9:26
  31. Daman Products Wrap Up - Part 212:12