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CEO Perspective - Part 2

In part 2 of Ron?s interview with Steve Brenneman as they talk about ATC?s second initiative of a custom sales Configurator. Ron also asks Steve advice to others who might want to start their own lean journey with TWI.

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  1. Arriving at ATC4:13
  2. Demonstrating TWI JI2:28
  3. Demonstrating Job Breakdown7:36
  4. Reviewing a Job Breakdown4:40
  5. ATC Culture4:00
  6. Training with TWI7:43
  7. Scheduling Training2:27
  8. Demonstrating Training9:07
  9. Steve's Training Experience1:59
  10. Training Dealers6:45
  11. Cross Training10:52
  12. TWI Planning5:23
  13. The Lean Desk2:52
  14. Job Breakdowns and Dealer Training2:32
  15. TWI Lessons Learned4:53
  16. CEO Perspective - Part 17:16
  17. CEO Perspective - Part 26:32
  18. ATC - Full Video1:30