Virtual Tours - Government

Forward looking government agencies are adopting continuous improvement principles.  From departments of corrections, to health and safety, even the DMV! Join Gemba Academy on site, as we explore how Lean is applied within the public sector.

  1. Lean Municipal Government Forum 2017

    8 videos

    The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan hosted the first annual Lean Municipal Government Forum on September 20, 2017.  See how Grand Rapids was able to not only survive the Great Recession, but thrive in the years that followed.  The event includes talks on Lean leadership, Lean philosophy, and a detailed explanation of A3 thinking and how it was used.  Tours of the fire and water departments provide excellent examples of Lean in use by a municipality.

  2. Lean Case Study: The City of Grand Rapids

    19 videos

    Steve Kane, Director of Customer Success at Gemba Academy, visits a customer, the City of Grand Rapids, MI. While there, he had the opportunity to talk with decision-makers, City Executives, as well as other City employees using Lean to create a better work environment, saving time, inventory which ultimately means saving money as they do their everyday jobs.

  3. Lean Case Study: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

    23 videos

    The Gemba Academy team finds its way to the birthplace of both Babe Ruth and the American National Anthem - Baltimore, Maryland. Ron visits an important segment of the U.S. federal government, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or more commonly known as CMS. Come and discover how CMS, an agency of the federal government, has adopted lean into its culture.

    In collaboration with the Lean Enterprise Institute, these videos are available for free for non-subscribers!

  4. Lean Showcase: State of Connecticut

    18 videos

    Gemba Academy travels to one of the original 13 colonies, the State of Connecticut. Ron and the team participate in Connecticut's state wide Lean Showcase for 2016 held at the State Capitol. Afterwards, Ron meets with several of Connecticut's officials and other employees of the state to discuss their governmental Lean journey.  This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.

  5. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

    7 videos

    While at the Connecticut State Capitol, Ron meets the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner, Robert Klee, as well as a number of other DEEP employees using lean to make their agency as efficient as they can.  This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.

  6. Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

    3 videos

    Acting on an initiative from the Governor, the Office of Policy and Management, with the help of Secretary Barnes and Deputy Secretary Weisselberg, supports and promotes statewide lean thinking through the work of LeanCT. Ron gets some great insight on how Program Director, Alison Fisher gets it done and what the impact has been on public service in Connecticut.  This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.

  7. Connecticut Department of Social Services

    3 videos

    Ron is invited out to visit with the Department of Social Services' team of Social Workers.  He meets the high energy of Laurie Ann Wagner, as she overviews how they use lean to help their clients.  We also get to sit in the kickoff for their Kata experiment.  This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.

  8. Connecticut Department of Correction

    6 videos

    Do you think lean can be utilized within the criminal justice system?  Find out as Ron talks with the staff at the Connecticut Department of Correction.  This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.

  9. Connecticut Department of Administrative Services

    5 videos

    While visiting the state of Connecticut, Ron meets Commissioner Currey and other staff members of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Commissioner Currey is a great supporter of lean and it shows as Ron talks with several members of the DAS team.  This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.