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  1. Lean Case Study: Lighthouse for the Blind

    7 videos

    The true power of continuous improvement lies in its ability to help people reach their full potential. In this course, we visit The Lighthouse for the Blind, an extraordinary organization that provides employment opportunities for individuals who are blind, deaf, DeafBlind, and/or have other disabilities. With prestigious clients like Boeing, NASA, and the United States government, The Lighthouse for the Blind uses continuous improvement both in a traditional manufacturing context and also as a way to meet the unique needs and abilities of each individual employee.

  2. Lean Case Study: Kaas Tailored

    22 videos

    In this course, we visit upholstery solutions provider Kaas Tailored to get an up-close look at how they manage their high-mix low-volume production, promote kaizen, build management routines through gemba walks and daily accountability practices, and balance long-term hoshin plans with monthly experimentation. We also join a tour group as they learn about the seven types of waste and witness various flow simulations. Watch and be inspired by all the improvements the Kaas Tailored team has made so far on their lean journey.

  3. Lean Case Study: Seating Matters

    20 videos

    Gemba Academy journeys to Limavady, Northern Ireland to meet with the team at Seating Matters. This video series is focused on two things - why Seating Matters started their lean journey and how they went about implementing lean.

  4. Lean Journey Interviews: Texas Nameplate

    10 videos

    The Gemba Academy crew takes a road trip to Lancaster Texas to meet up with the folks behind Texas Nameplate.  This video series is focused on sustainability.

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  5. Lean Case Study: In The Ditch

    23 videos

    Ron and the Gemba Academy team make their way to Mountain Home, Idaho, to meet with Chuck Ceccarelli and his team at In The Ditch Towing Products

  6. Lean Healthcare Case Study: Franciscan Health

    31 videos

    Ron and the Gemba Academy video team visit Franciscan Health in Indianapolis, Indiana to learn about their lean and continuous improvement journey.

  7. Lean Case Study: Fireblast Global

    25 videos

    Steve visits Fireblast Global in Corona, California where CEO Rick Egelin and his team are a year into their lean journey.  Rick and the team share with Steve their many successes and some of the struggles they overcame to build continuous improvement momentum in a custom manufacturing company.

  8. Lean Case Study: Zingerman's

    20 videos

    Ron and the Gemba Academy team visit Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, Michigan to learn how they leverage lean to create a world class mail order food service business.

  9. Lean Case Study: FastCap 2014

    23 videos

    Returning to Bellingham, Washington, Ron travels to the beautiful Northwest to see a Gemba Academy friend and total lean thinker, Paul Akers, President and Founder of FastCap, LLC. From the morning meeting to the shipping of product at the end of the day, Paul gives Ron a free pass to look anywhere around the new facility and talk to anyone and everyone. Ron gets the full tour and meets new FastCap associates as well as catching up with familiar faces from his past visit.

  10. Lean Case Study: FastCap 2012

    26 videos

    In this video series we visit FastCap in Bellingham, Washington. FastCap provides products and tools to accommodate the professional cabinet maker and woodworker. Throughout this "Gemba Live" series of videos you'll see how lean thinking has transformed ALL aspects of FastCap's business including operations, shipping, engineering, sales & marketing, customer service, accounting, and even the bathrooms! And last, but certainly not least, we even pay a visit to FastCap's airplane hangar to witness how lean thinking has made an impact there!

  11. Lean Case Study: Specialty Silicone Fabricators

    12 videos

    In this video series we visit Specialty Silicone Fabricators in Paso Robles, California. SSF is a manufacturer of precision silicone components for the medical device industry, providing a full range of processing: molding, extrusion, sheeting, and dipping. SSF's lean efforts over the past decade have transformed the company and enable it to compete globally from facilities in California and Michigan.

  12. Lean Case Study: Pro CNC

    7 videos

    In this video series we visit Pro CNC in Bellingham, Washington. Pro CNC is an ISO 9001, AS9100 certified, and ITAR registered full service provider of engineering services, contract assembly, rapid prototype 3D printing and vertically integrated CNC machine shop. Throughout this "Gemba Live" series of videos you'll see how Pro CNC places a high level of importance on building and maintaining a lean culture throughout the organization.

  13. Lean Journey Interviews: Lear

    6 videos

    A visit to Lear's Automotive Seating Systems factory in Duncan, South Carolina.

  14. Lean Case Study: NFI Industries

    16 videos

    In this video series we visit NFI Industries in Chino Hills, California. NFI is a 3PL that got started with lean a year before this episode was filmed. As you’ll see, NFI has made huge strides in a short time and, while they admittedly have much more to accomplish, you’ll see how passionate the NFI managers and associates are to improve every aspect of their business.

  15. Lean Case Study: Platt Technical High School

    14 videos

    A visit to a new and very different Gemba Live! location: Platt Technical High School in Milford, Connecticut.

  16. Lean Case Study: Aluminum Trailer Company

    18 videos

    Ron visits Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) - in Nappanee, Indiana. A major focus of this visit is to look at ATC's use of Training Within Industry (TWI).

  17. Lean Culture Case Study: Menlo Innovations

    18 videos

    Ron visits one of the most innovative software development firms in the world, Menlo Innovations. After reading Richard Sheridan’s book, Joy, Inc., we wanted to find out how they changed the culture of Menlo Innovations by adding what they call “the business value of joy“ in their workplace.

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  18. Lean Journey Interviews: CCBRT Tanzania

    8 videos

    Kevin Meyer visits CCBRT in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania) is a large NGO that provides health services in the country. Mike Grogan has been working with them to leverage lean and continuous improvement methods to increase efficiency, efficacy, and capacity.

  19. Lean Case Study: Techno Aerospace

    22 videos

    Ron Pereira travels to Miami, Florida to visit the team of Techno Coatings, a division of Techno Aerospace, which offers a wide range of services from plating to finishing to restoration. Started some 30 years ago from a true “Mom and Pop” shop, this company now serves a global market with the help of its combined manufacturing and finishing experience, highly skilled workforce and professional management team. Come along with Ron as he learns how Techno Aerospace’s founder and team went from resisting Lean to fully embracing it.

  20. Lean Journey Interviews: West Texas A&M University

    7 videos

    Ron travels to Canyon, Texas - home of the “Thundering Herd” at West Texas A&M University to see how they have taken Lean Six Sigma into the classroom and all over the campus.

  21. Lean Journey Interviews: Daman Products

    31 videos

    Gemba Academy hits the road again traveling to snowy Mishawaka, Indiana to visit the team at Daman Products. Daman Products has been committed to building both product and people excellence for over 3 decades. During this series you’ll meet some outstanding individuals as Ron explores the entire facility, including the factory floor and front offices, and discovers an incredibly powerful “culture of trust.”