How to force "Flash" video playback

Last Updated: Aug 7, 2018 11:58:25 AM

Some customers have trouble with playback of our default "HTML 5" video.  We have a workaround in place to allow customers to switch their default video playback engine from HTML5 to Flash.  This workaround should only be used in extreme cases where other troubleshooting has failed.


  1. The latest Flash browser plugin is required for this workaround.  Get the latest Flash plugin.
  2. You will need to contact Gemba Academy customer care, and request that the "Video Troubleshooting Learning Path" be added to your account.  After that, follow the below guide.

Steps to force the Flash player:

  1. Click on "My Learning Paths"

  2. Launch the "Video Playback Troubleshooting" learning path by clicking "Start"

  3. Launch the "Video Troubleshooting" course by clicking "Start"

  4. From the Lessons List, click "Choose Default Playback Engine"

  5. Now click the link "Set Flash Mode as Primary".  You should see the preference indicator change from "No Preference" to "Flash".

  6. Now go back to your Learning Paths list and attempt to play a video (Note, the videos in the  Video Troubleshooting course are not a good test.  Use a Learning Path with actual lean training.)