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Two-Way ANOVA (GLM) in Minitab

In this video you'll learn how to conduct Two-Way ANOVA inside Minitab using both the traditional Two-Way ANOVA function and the extremely powerful General Linear Model function. There are definitely some cool tricks to be learned in this lesson!

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  1. One-Way ANOVA Part 1 13:36
  2. One-Way ANOVA Part 2 8:11
  3. One-Way ANOVA in Minitab 4:52
  4. One-Way ANOVA in SigmaXL 2:44
  5. Two-Way ANOVA 11:11
  6. Two-Way ANOVA (GLM) in Minitab 7:04
  7. Two-Way ANOVA in SigmaXL 5:24

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