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Kanban in Batch Production

While our goal as Lean Practitioners is to flow material one piece at a time there may be situations where you must produce some products in a batch. The good news is this sort of system can still be kept under control using a Signal Kanban system. In this module you will learn how this works through another simulation where you will watch a Signal Kanban system in action.

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  1. Kanban Overview 7:11
  2. 2 Card Kanban System 13:07
  3. 2 Card Kanban Calculations 5:07
  4. Kanban in Batch Production 5:33
  5. Calculating Signal Kanban Quantities 2:55
  6. The 6 Kanban Prerequisites 8:16
  7. The 6 Golden Rules of Kanban 2:16
  8. One Piece Flow Simulation 14:34