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Defining Value in Healthcare

Mark Graban describes what it means to provide more "value" in a healthcare context.

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  1. Introduction to Lean Accounting8:14
  2. Accounting Basics7:17
  3. Value Stream Costing - Part 18:53
  4. Lean Accounting Introduction7:30
  5. The Effect of Lean Accounting on Owners, Auditors, and Executives7:52
  6. The Difference Between Traditional and Lean Accounting5:20
  7. When and How to Implement Lean Accounting4:37
  8. How to Overcome Resistance to Lean Accounting7:12
  9. Extending Lean into HR and IT3:53
  10. Supplemental: Lean Education Advancement Foundation2:23
  11. Value Stream Costing - Part 28:30
  12. Inventory Management11:15
  13. Lean Inventory Valuation10:24
  14. Capacity Management8:56
  15. Product Costs and Decisions8:52
  16. Target Costing7:19
  17. Performance Measures6:38
  18. One Day Close8:44
  19. Lean Accounting Resources3:21
  20. The Eight Types of Waste in Healthcare: Introduction02:11
  21. The Purpose of Lean in Healthcare08:29
  22. What Do We Mean by “The 8 Wastes" in Healthcare?04:14
  23. Defining Value in Healthcare03:28
  24. The Wastes of Motion, Waiting, and Human Potential in a Surgical Suite04:34
  25. Patient Harm as a System Defect06:50
  26. The Wastes of Inventory, Transportation, and Overproduction in Healthcare04:58
  27. Meaningful 5S in a Children’s Hospital Radiology and MRI Suite05:39
  28. The Aim of Healthcare as a System02:58
  29. Audience Q&A - How Do You Start a Lean Transformation?01:29
  30. Audience Q&A- How Will Lean Methods Impact HCAHPS Scores?00:56
  31. Audience Q&A - What is the Appropriate Number of Inventory Turns for a Hospital Store Room?01:31
  32. Audience Q&A - How Can Lean Improve Discharge Planning in a Hospital?02:00