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What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Mike Wroblewski and the workshop participants discuss what a typical day looks like for them.

  • 1:58 - Preventing the need for “firefighting”
  • 3:30 - The role of a leader
  • 5:14 - Working in the system vs. on the system
  • 6:26 - What’s missing from a typical day

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  1. Introduction to Leader Standard Work 0:42
  2. How We Learn to Be Leaders 02:16
  3. The Role of a Lean Leader 04:37
  4. What Is a Lean Management System? 03:25
  5. Lean Management and Process Focus 03:38
  6. What Is Leader Standard Work? 05:33
  7. What Does Your Typical Day Look Like? 07:31
  8. How to Create Leader Standard Work 08:02
  9. Example Role Play of Leader Standard Work Coaching 04:03
  10. Tips for Coaching Through Leader Standard Work 06:20
  11. How Visual Controls Support Leader Standard Work 09:16
  12. Processes Confirmation with a Kamishibai System 14:36
  13. Daily Accountability Through Huddle Meetings 09:42

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