Lean Enterprise Strategy Kit

The Lean Enterprise Strategy Kit is included with each Learning Library, Learning System or Enterprise subscription. The Kit is designed to help organizations create, execute, and continuously improve a robust lean-oriented strategic plan.

  • Combines the best aspects of lean-centric strategy deployment and hoshin planning methods with traditional strategic planning to create strategies.
  • Core principles are developed first to create a solid foundation for long-term strategy.
  • A proprietary 40-topic lean assessment is used to look at world class behaviors and systems, not just the implementation of tools like most lean assessments.
  • Each section includes a detailed PowerPoint presentation, worksheets, tools, documents, and recommended deployment methods in MS-Office format for easy customization. See the full document list at the bottom.

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Sk Strategy 500W


Develop the bedrock core principles of the organization, then create vision and mission statements to help guide strategy.


Use a detailed 40-topic Lean Enterprise Assessment combined with a Strategic Environment Assessment using traditional SWOT, PEST, Porter, and other analysis methods.


Use various analysis and brainstorming methods to identify long-term strategies, three-year objectives, and annual improvement programs then reinforce with hoshin strategy deployment methods.


Learn about tools to ensure organizational alignment, then drive accountability via daily meetings, gemba walks, visual management, and leader standard work.


Use hansei reflection to review and analyze daily, project, and long-term strategy performance and results to prepare for continuing the improvement cycle.

Full Document List


Overview Presentation

Principles - Vision - Mission

Output Document - Principles
Output Document - Vision
Output Document - Mission
Worksheet - Principles
Worksheet - Vision
Worksheet - Mission
Deming's 14 Principles
Shingo Prize Model Principles
The Toyota Way Principles
ISO 9001 Principles
Toyota Production System Principles


Training Presentation
Output Document - Lean Enterprise Assessment
Output Document - Competitor Assessment
Output Document - IT Assessment
Output Document - Operations Assessment
Output Document - PEST Analysis
Output Document - Porter Five Forces Analysis
Output Document - Quality Assessment
Output Document - Product Line Analysis
Output Document - Supplier Assessment
Output Document - SWOT Analysis
Lean Enterprise Assessment (MS-Word)
Lean Enterprise Assessment (PDF)
Worksheet - Individual Assessment Scoring
Worksheet - Assessment Summary and Radar Chart
Worksheet - SWOT Analysis
Worksheet - Porter Industry Analysis
Worksheet - PEST Analysis
Worksheet - Product Line Analysis
Worksheet - Technology Assessment
Worksheet - Operations Assessment
Worksheet - IT Assessment
Worksheet - Quality Assessment
Worksheet - Supplier Assessment
Worksheet - Competitor Assessment

Develop Strategy

Training Presentation
Output Document - Strategy Deployment X Matrix
Worksheet - SWOT Analysis with Strategies
Worksheet - Porter Generic Strategy
Worksheet - Myles & Snow Typology
Worksheet - Perceived Opportunities
Worksheet - Opportunity Screening
Worksheet - Strategy Evaluation
Worksheet - Impact Analysis
Worksheet - Implementation Plan
Worksheet - Project Reality Check
Worksheet - Long Term Strategies
Worksheet - Three Year Breakthrough Objectives
Worksheet - Annual Improvement Programs


Training Presentation
Worksheet - Gemba Walk Report
Worksheet - Bowling Chart
Worksheet - Daily Meeting Agenda
Worksheet - Implementation Plan Status

Review and Reflection

Training Presentation