Lean Enterprise Assessment

The following PowerPoint training presentations are included with each Learning Library, Learning System or Enterprise subscription. The Assessment is a great resource to help define your lean transformation and training program.

Our assessment is different from almost every other lean assessment in that it:

  • Attempts to measure progress with lean behaviors, not just tools
  • To achieve the highest level, the best lean behaviors must not only exist in your own organization, but also in your suppliers and customers - the entire value chain. This is a very high standard to meet, but is also when true excellence occurs.

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The forty question assessment is divided into four sections with ten questions each:

  1. Respect for People and Community
  2. Creating Customer Value
  3. Leadership and Alignment
  4. Accountability and Results


Each question is scored from 1 to 5 based on the following levels:

  1. Basic understanding or implementation beginning to occur.
  2. Active programs to create understanding of the topic, perhaps with some implementation by the management team.
  3. Active programs to create understanding of the topic, with implementation being actively driven by the management team and deeper into several parts of the organization.
  4. Thorough understanding and implementation throughout the organization.
  5. Thorough understanding and implementation throughout the extended value stream, from supplier through the organization to the customer.

Support documentation for the assessment provides tips and best practices, as well as issues to watch out for. For example, assessment results often go down with the second and sometimes even third assessment as organizations begin to take a hard look at themselves and understand how far they have to go on their transformation journey.