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  1. Business Process Mapping poster image

    Business Process Mapping

    Val­ue Stream Map­ping is an essen­tial skill across all indus­tries. This course focus­es bring­ing VSM out of the fac­to­ries and into the office and knowl­edge work.

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  2. Daily Management System poster image

    Daily Management System

    Learn about a com­plete lean dai­ly man­age­ment sys­tem with our new cours­es cov­er­ing coach­ing, leader stan­dard work, account­abil­i­ty and more!

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  3. Obeya Courses poster image

    Obeya Courses

    The obeya con­cept applies direct­ly to your prod­uct devel­op­ment process­es. After com­plet­ing this course, you will have learned to accel­er­ate your deliv­er­ies, and increase team communication.

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  4. Las 7 Herramientas de Control de Calidad poster image

    Las 7 Herramientas de Control de Calidad

    Every­one could use bet­ter qual­i­ty in their process­es, and these 7 tools will help you achieve your goals. This course is ful­ly pro­duced in Spanish.

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  5. Lighthouse for the Blind poster image

    Lighthouse for the Blind

    Get inspired by the improve­ment work being done by the Light­house for the Blind. Acces­si­bil­i­ty, andons, shad­ow boards and more are all cov­ered in this moti­va­tion­al Gem­ba Acad­e­my Live!

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  6. Gemba Walk poster image

    Gemba Walk

    As part of our expand­ing series of Lean Dai­ly Man­age­ment con­tent, we have added two new cours­es. Gem­ba Walk Essen­tials, and Gem­ba Walk Work­shop. Get start­ed with these essen­tial lean tools today!

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  7. Kaas Tailored poster image

    Kaas Tailored

    4 new dis­tinct cours­es on the 7 wastes, kaizen, visu­al­iza­tion and more are now avail­able after our trip to the Kaas Tai­lored factory.

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  8. KataCon5 poster image


    Did­n’t make it to KataCon5? No prob­lem, all of the pre­sen­ta­tions are now avail­able in the lat­est release of Gem­ba Acad­e­my Live!

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  9. 5S Implementation Tours poster image

    5S Implementation Tours

    The 5S course has been expand­ed with exam­ples sourced from some of the best lean man­u­fac­tur­ers, ware­hous­es and offices.

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  10. Lean Accounting Spanish poster image

    Lean Accounting Spanish

    Our com­plete Lean Account­ing course, includ­ing the fun­da­men­tals of Lean Account­ing, as well as Jean Cun­ning­ham on Lean Account­ing, is now avail­able ful­ly repro­duced in Spanish.

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  11. Leader Standard Work - Refreshed! poster image

    Leader Standard Work — Refreshed!

    Our Leader Stan­dard Work course has been refreshed and remas­tered for 2019! Do you tru­ly know what is hap­pen­ing day to day, week to week and month to month in your gem­ba? Lean sen­sei Mike Wrob­lews­ki will guide you in get­ting start­ed with skills such as coach­ing, kamishibai, hud­dles and more!

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  12. Masaaki Imai on Gemba Kaizen and Lean poster image

    Masaaki Imai on Gemba Kaizen and Lean

    Our Kaizen Lead­er­ship course has been remixed, and remas­tered into a more cohe­sive expe­ri­ence. Hear direct from Lean pio­neer Masaa­ki Imai his thoughts on kaizen. Avail­able in both Eng­lish and Spanish.

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