New Gemba Academy Website Launch!

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Gemba Academy is proud to announce the launch of our brand new and improved website!

In This Video

Ron Pereira introduces the brand new Gemba Academy Experience!

  • Ron announces the new site (00:11)
  • New Logos and Color Scheme (00:20)
  • New Users Dashboard (00:32)
  • Removed different experiences for logged in vs not logged in users(00:47)
  • Each lesson now has its own page! No more super long pages, or pop-ups!(01:02)
  • New, faster video player! (01:13)
  • New video playback speed controls! (01:24)
  • Videos, blogs and podcasts are now all linked with Related Content (01:47)
  • Quizzes updated to remove Adobe Flash requirement (02:07)
  • Powerful new search engine! (02:18)
  • Tagging completes the search experience (02:45)
  • Ron teases future Gemba Academy technology (03:10)
  • We love your comments and feedback! (03:14)
  • Thank you all! (03:25)