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Ep 312:

Practicing Kata in Secret

Guest: Tracy Defoe

Tracy explains why people practice Toyota Kata and continuous improvement in secret, and why it’s problematic.

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Ep 311:

The Lean Construction Movement

Hal Macomber

Hal talks about the lean construction movement, the Last Planner System, and more.

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Ep 310:

The Role of Motivation in Continuous Improvement

Guest: Brad Miller

Brad breaks down how motivation factors into continuous improvement, and sheds light on a modern motivation framework that could be useful to managers.

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Ep 309:

Lean and Self-Development

Guest: Pete Kuehn

Pete shares his lean journey, including the effect lean has had on his personal life.

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New Blog Posts

Now More Than Ever, Huddle Daily as a Team

By Jon Miller

A daily huddle, even virtual, is critical to lean success.

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Deepening the Lessons of Crisis

By Kevin Meyer

Kevin describes some of the lessons we can learn in times of crisis, and how we can better prepare in the future.

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The Difference Between Naive, Purposeful, and Deliberate Practice

By Ron Pereira

Ron explains three different kinds of practice, and whether some are better than others.

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Give People a Sense of Certainty Through New Routines

By Steve Kane

Steve describes the many powerful aspects of routines.

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Respect & Gratitude to the Base of the Pyramid

By Jon Miller

Jon reflects on the inverted triangle model of leadership, and why we should express more gratitude towards those who do foundational work.

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Did You Find Yourself Working From Home All of a Sudden?

By Brita Quella

Brita provides some tips and tricks on working from home.

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The Unexpected Benefit of Cancelling Everything

By Jon Miller

Jon explains why now is a good time to revisit, reflect, and improve.

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