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Ep 304:

The Different Approaches to Training Leaders

Guest: Brent Weichers

Brent describes the various approaches to training leaders, including the different hard and soft skills involved.

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Ep 303:

Running a Successful Kaizen Event

Adam Lawrence

Adam discusses everything that goes into running a successful kaizen event, including team selection, engagement, and increasing the chances of “winning.”

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Ep 302:

Continuous Improvement at Halliburton

Guest: Chris Rodriguez

Chris shares the details of Halliburton’s lean journey, including some of the lessons they’ve learned.

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Ep 301:

Navigating Lean Trends

Guest: Karen Martin

Karen elaborates on some of the lean trends she’s observed, and how we can best prepare for and learn from them.

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New Blog Posts

How Lean Deployment is Like Working with Two-Part Epoxy

By Jon Miller

Jon compares working with two-part epoxy to a successful lean implementation.

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Refining and Reinforcing Principles

By Kevin Meyer

Kevin describes the principles he lives by, both in his personal and professional lives.

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Ten Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Last Decade

By Ron Pereira

Ron reflects on the lessons he’s learned over the last ten years.

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It’s Your Duty to Make Things Right

By Steve Kane

Steve draws a parallel between his time in the US Army and the continuous improvement mindset.

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Making Meetings Less Terrible

By Jon Miller

Jon examines the role of meetings, and how we can get the most out of them.

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Sustaining Gains with the Continuous Improvement Ratchet

By Jon Miller

Jon explains why a ratchet is a better metaphor for sustaining improvement.

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The Word of the Year for 2019

By Jon Miller

Jon reveals the one word that summarizes his 2019.

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