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Ep 295:

What's New at LEI

Guest: Jean Cunningham

Jean gives a status update regarding all the exciting things happening at the Lean Enterprise Institute.

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Ep 294:

Using Improv to Improve

Guest: Mary Lemmer

Mary explains how she uses improv comedy in a business performance and/or leadership context.

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Ep 293:

Approaching the Certification Process

Guest: Craig Johnson

Craig discusses the learning and development sector and the role practical application plays in the certification process.

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Ep 292:

The Financial Impact of Continuous Improvement

Guest: Ron Pereira

Ron reflects on a blog article written by fellow Gemba Academy Co-Founder Jon Miller.

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New Blog Posts

Which Lean Behavior or Tool Should We Adopt?

By Jon Miller

Jon explains which lean skill set he would recommend organizations adopt if he could only choose one.

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Question Yourself

By Kevin Meyer

Kevin stresses the importance of constant questioning, and being open to changing your mind.

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You're Not the Hero

By Ron Pereira

Ron explains why lean thinkers are not “heroes.”

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Leading Lean from the Middle of the Organization

By Steve Kane

Steve shares the impactful ways lean can be leveraged at an organization even without senior leadership involvement.

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What Does it Mean to Huddle?

By Jon Miller

Jon describes the various kinds of team huddles, and what purpose they serve.

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How to Measure the M in SQDCM

By Jon Miller

Jon discusses measuring company morale and why it matters.

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Lean Management for the Day After Tomorrow

By Jon Miller

Jon reflects on everything that goes into balancing daily operational demands with continuous improvement and innovation.

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