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New Podcasts

Ep 291:

Understanding Your Suppliers

Guests: Denise Meredith

Denise stresses the value in understanding your suppliers' needs and perspectives.

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Ep 290:

The Danger of Being Right

Guest: Thomas Frase

Thomas Frase explains how "being right" can potentially hurt your career.

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Ep 289:

Combining TWI and Process Behavior Analysis

Guest: Panos Efsta

Panos reviews the merits of creating a powerful holistic approach to continuous improvement using both TWI and Process Behavior Analysis.

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Ep 288:

Adapting to Industry 4.0

Guest: Luke Mullins

Luke Mullins discusses Industry 4.0 and the evolving role of lean.

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New Blog Posts

10 Behaviors to Practice Respect for People

By Jon Miller

Jon lists Virginia Mason Institute’s list of foundational behaviors that promote Respect for People.

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The Wisdom of Humility

By Kevin Meyer

Kevin stresses the importance of vulnerability and learning from your mistakes in a leadership context.

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How to Run Your Own Lean Simulation

By Ron Pereira

Ron discusses one of our newest courses, featuring manufacturing solutions factory Kaas Tailored.

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A Place to Find a Better Way

By Steve Kane

Steve shares what he learned from some of the recent continuous improvement events he’s attended.

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Lean Thinking and the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

By Jon Miller

Jon revisits the parallels between addressing poverty and lean thinking.

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When Is “No Idea Is a Bad Idea” a Bad Idea?

By Jon Miller

Jon explains why the “No Idea Is a Bad Idea” approach can be problematic.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your NFL Franchise with TPM

By Jon Miller

Jon describes the various ways that Total Productive Maintenance can be applied to the National Football League.

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