New Podcasts
Ep 252:
Standard Work in the Office
Guest: Steve Ansuini
Steve describes working at Toyota, specifically how he incorporated Standard Work and TWI in the office.
Ep 251:
Lean in New Hampshire
Guest: Heather Barto and Tommy Lencki Jr.
Heather and Tommy describe the lean initiatives in the state of New Hampshire and their respective involvements.
Ep 250:
Using Process Behavior Charts
Guest: Mark Graban
Mark discusses his new book, Measures of Success, as well as how you can use Process Behavior Charts in different contexts.
Ep 249:
Lean in Thailand, China, and India
Guest: John Chacon
John shares his experiences practicing lean in various Asian countries, including Thailand, China, and India.
Ep 242:
The Importance of Creativity
Guest: Karyn Ross
This week, Karyn Ross explains how and why you should focus on creativity.
New Blog Posts
How Wrong Should We Be?
by Jon Miller
Continuous improvement makes us look back and laugh at what we believed was “the best we can do” a mere 12 or 18 months ago.
Herb Kelleher: Creating Economic Value Based on Human Values
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin reflects on the passing of Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher.
The Best of Gemba Academy's Blog - 2018 Edition
by Ron Pereira
Ron lists our most popular blogs from the year 2018, in both English and Spanish.
What's the Thinking Behind the Tools?
by Steve Kane
Make sure you understand why you are implementing a tool.
How to do Direct Observation of Knowledge Work
by Jon Miller
In lean management, direct observation of processes is the go-to method for learning about the current situation and gaining insight on how to improve it. There are challenges to direct observation of knowledge work.
The Importance of Problem Breakdown for New Year's Resolutions
by Jon Miller
Even tasks that are simple and manageable should be broken down into smaller ones.
The Ten Commandments for a Lean Journey
by Jon Miller
In some ways a lean journey like a detective novel. There is a sense of urgency, danger or creative tension