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Quick Changeover Course - Updated

School of Lean

We just completed a full update and refresh of our Quick Changeover: The SMED System course. The course has been reorganized around clear and concise steps, and includes real world examples.

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How to Draw a Spaghetti Diagram

School of Lean - Seven Wastes Course

We recently added a new video to the Dealing With the Seven Deadly Wastes course that describes what a spaghetti diagram is, why it's valuable, and provides specific steps for drawing one.

The first video of each course can be watched without registration, so to view this new video you will need to be a subscriber or you can sign up for a 3 Day Trial.

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Hoshin Planning - in Spanish

Escuela Lean

Our Spanish content team just completed a new course in Escuela Lean, Hoshin Planning (Planeación Hoshin). This is the sixteenth course to be created from the ground up in Spanish.  Coming up next are Leader Standard Work and Kaizen Leadership.

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