Newsletter Changes

Starting this month we're changing our monthly newsletter by splitting it into more readable - and value-added - components. Each month you will see the following schedule:

  • Week 1: A summary of podcasts and blogs from the past month
  • Week 2: New Gemba Academy videos
  • Week 3: An article on a continuous improvement topic

So... here we go with the podcasts and blog posts from December!

New Podcasts
Ep 246:
How to Admit When You're Struggling
Guest: Gary Peterson
Gary opens up about feeling lost, making mistakes, and the importance of a meaningful apology.
Ep 245:
How to Coach Leaders to Coach Others
Guest: Jamie Parker
Jamie explains what it takes to help leaders develop a team of problem solvers.
Ep 244:
How to Teach Kata in the Classroom
Guest: Mike Rother
Mike Rother reviews kata and scientific thinking.
Ep 243:
How to Strive to Thrive
Guest: Michael Lombard
Mike Lombard discusses healthcare and Toyota Kata.
Ep 242:
How to Leverage Different Lean Experiences
Guest: Katie Anderson
Katie talks about the AME Connect Consortia program, her Japan Lean Study trips, and more.
New Blog Posts
A Day in the Life of a Gemba-Focused Executive VP
by Jon Miller
Jon emphasizes the importance of the gemba walk, using Toyota as an example.
Avoid the Arbitrary Constraints of Time
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin examines the role that time plays in our lives.
Who Do You Want to Be?
by Ron Pereira
Ron reviews Atomic Habits by James Clear.
Small Improvements Instead of Resolutions for the New Year
by Steve Kane
Steve explains how to be more successful at achieving goals.
Respect for "Respect for Human Nature"
by Jon Miller
Jon emphasizes the importance of thinking beyond "respect for people."
What Does it Mean to Measure Twice, Cut Once?
by Jon Miller
Jon dives into the lean perspective of a popular piece of advice.