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If you missed us at AME, consider attending KataCon and the TWI Summit in Savannah, Georgia next February! More information below.

New Videos
Lean Systems Summit

Gemba Academy Live!

Earlier this year we filmed the keynotes from the Lean Systems Summit, put on by the Continuous Improvement Lean Collaborative (CILC), and have just added them to our library of over 1500 videos.

Raye Wentworth - New Balance Shoes
Ray describes how the Toyota Production System concepts are used at the New Balance facility in Skowhegan, Maine.

Kevin Hancock - Hancock Lumber
Kevin discusses his leadership journey and insights on efficiency gains as means not for more hours to get more work done but in putting work back in its place.

New Gemba Talk Video: Time

Gemba Talk

We just released the third video in our Gemba Talk series, where we respond to questions from customers. The topic this time is... time.

We lean thinkers love talking about time… there’s cycle time, lead time, and, of course, everyone’s favorite - takt time. Sure it can get confusing, but by the end of this Gemba Talk you’ll be perfectly in step with all three of them.

Gemba Talk videos do not require registration.

New Podcasts
Ep 237:
How to Incorporate and Leverage Sustainability
Guest: Brion Hurley
Brio discusses sustainability, Lean Portland, the triple bottom line, and more.
Ep 236:
How to Develop Strong Effective Leaders
Guest: Cheryl Jekiel
Cheryl explains what it takes to develop great lean leaders.
Ep 235:
How to Embody the Spirit of Toyota
Guest: Jess Orr
Jess shares the 10 Toyota Lttitudes and reflects on her time as a Toyota employee.
Ep 234:
How to Apply Lean to Transportation
Guest: Gary Vansuch, Michelle Malloy, and Geneva Hooten
The CDOT Process Improvement Team shares their lean journey, including the challenges they've faced.
New Blog Posts
Three Core Beliefs Fundamental to Standard Work
by Jon Miller
Jon breaks down the three beliefs that promote the success of standard work.
Treating Lean Psychosis
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin stresses the importance of respect, understanding, and compassion in the treatment of mental illness, and why a similar approach should be used with lean.
Kata in the Classroom
by Ron Pereira
Ron shares what he observed and learned from running a kata workshop with kids.
Constraints Are Opportunities
by Steve Kane
Steve reflects on a scenario in his lean hourney when improving was the only option.
Gemba Academy Consulting

Did you know that Gemba Academy also supports clients on-site at the gemba?

We launched Gemba Academy as an online learning platform in 2009, based on our deep experience in continuous improvement consulting. We have guided and supported many customers. Because of growing requests over the past few years, we are expanding our on-site support services to include classroom training, on-site consulting and coaching. Learn more.

This month we are introducing a pair of Toyota Kata workshops.

Jon Miller
Director of Gemba Academy Consulting Group
Customer Success Corner

Autonomy is an important aspect of working in a lean organization. Leaders share the responsibility of helping autonomous team members be successful. Two key components to achieve this are direction and principles.

Senior leadership creates and communicates the vision for the organization. This gives the organization and each individual within the organization clear direction. Senior leadership also decides the principles by which the vision will be realized. Discussing vision and principles with each team member daily helps demonstrate their significance to the organization.

It is only when team members deeply understand the organization's vision and principles that they can autonomously contribute to the organization's success. The absence of this understanding leads to team members seeking approval for actions in order to be successful. This is the antithesis of autonomy.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
KataCon and TWI Summit
February 18-21, Savannah, Georgia

Early next year Lean Frontiers will once again be presenting the KataCon and TWI Summits one right after the other so it's possible to attend both.

KataCon - February 18-19
KataCon is the annual gathering place for Toyota Kata enthusiasts across North America and around the globe. There is an interesting mix of short keynotes, hands-on breakout sessions, intensive deep dives, and mini-updates from a variety of practitioners, industries, and applications.

TWI Summit - February 20-21
Developing people in the lean enterprise starts here! A culture of coaching, standard work, and employee engagement are within reach through TWI’s (Training Within Industry) proven methodology. Research has shown the impact TWI played in the early formation of the Toyota Production System, and in part continues to this day.

Use discount code LF10 to save 10% on the registration for either or both events! More information.

Lean Tip of the Month
“It's the little things you do that make the big things happen.”
- Mike Dooley
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