Will we see you at the world's largest lean conference, the AME Annual Conference, this October? Once again we'll be hosting a networking cocktail party. More information.

In response to several requests we have recenly launched Gemba Academy Consulting Group to provide on-site consulting and training. More information below.

New Videos
New Gemba Talk Video: Time

Gemba Talk

We just released the third video in our Gemba Talk series, where we respond to questions from customers. The topic this time is... time.

We lean thinkers love talking about time… there’s cycle time, lead time, and, of course, everyone’s favorite - takt time. Sure it can get confusing, but by the end of this Gemba Talk you’ll be perfectly in step with all three of them.

Gemba Talk videos do not require registration.

New Podcasts
Ep 233:
How to Develop a Strong Lean Culture
Guest: Raye Wentworth
Raye Wentworth of New Balance shares the details of their lean journey.
Ep 232:
How to Embrace the Higher Calling of Lean
Guest: Kevin Hancock
Kevin explains the true value of lean.
Ep 231:
How to Think Scientifically in Healthcare
Guest:Maurene Stock and Katie Melching
Maurene and Katie share what it's like using lean in a healthcare setting
Ep 230:
How to Become a Six Sigma Black Belt
Guest: Md Hasan
Md discusses his background and the process of getting his Six Sigma Black Belt through Gemba Academy.
Ep 229:
How to Run a Sustainable Organization
Guest: Dale and Dan Crownover
Dale and Dan discuss sustainability and the concept of the "Triple Bottom Line.”
New Blog Posts
Top 10 Differences Between Traditional and CI-Infused Problem-Solving
by Jon Miller
Jon explains the difference between solving problems the traditional way and using a continuous improvement mindset.
Midnight at the Gemba
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin shares the important lessons he learned while working at a 24/7 manufacturing facility.
Lean Lessons From Driving on the Left Side of the Road
by Ron Pereira
Ron compares a harrowing experience abroad to practicing Toyota Kata.
You Want Me to Do What!?!
by Steve Kane
Steve shares one of the common barriers to improvement.
Gemba Academy Consulting

Did you know that Gemba Academy also supports clients on-site at the gemba?

We launched Gemba Academy as an online learning platform in 2009, based on our deep experience in continuous improvement consulting. We have guided and supported many customers. Because of growing requests over the past few years, we are expanding our on-site support services to include classroom training, on-site consulting and coaching. Learn more.

This month we are introducing a pair of Toyota Kata workshops.

Jon Miller
Director of Gemba Academy Consulting Group
Customer Success Corner

It's been said that one of the reasons Toyota has been so successful with continuous improvement in the early years was because they didn't have any alternatives. They didn't have the financial resources to afford raw materials, WIP, or finished goods inventories they would have liked to have had. They were determined to be successful when further investment wasn't an option. These constraints, as the story goes, drove the need for single piece flow, kanban, etc

. Identify your constraints and use them to drive improvement. As Ron says in several Gemba Academy videos, "Use your wits over your wallet." As others like to say, "Use creativity over capital."

If you have questions about your next improvement or would like an outside perspective, schedule a call with us here.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
AME International Conference
29 October - 1 November, San Diego

This year's AME conference, the largest lean conference in the world, will be in San Diego the last week of October.

Once again we'll be hosting a networking cocktail party (with no sales pitch!) on Tuesday evening, October 30th.

Use discount code GEMBA10 to save 10% on the conference registration!

Lean Tip of the Month
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
- Vincent Van Gogh
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