We recently released two new courses, TWI Job Methods and Texas Nameplate. Coming up next is a new course on gemba walks as well as new Gemba Academy Live! episodes.

New Videos
New Videos: TWI Job Methods Course
School of Lean

We recently released the third course in our Training Within Industry series: TWI - Job Methods.

Job Methods is the TWI component that trains leaders how to improve their work processes and procedures through an easy to follow four step method. As with our previous TWI courses on Job Instruction and Job Relations, this course includes real-world activities at a real company, in this case Tactical Walls.

New Videos: Texas Nameplate
Gemba Academy Live!

We recently released a new Gemba Academy Live! video series where we visit Texas Nameplate in Lancaster, Texas.

Dale Crownover, CEO of Texas Nameplate, has spoken at numerous lean and continuous improvement conferences, include the AME Annual Conference.

In this 10 video series we move beyond lean and take a closer look at the sustainability practices at Texas Nameplate. Learn how they prioritize "People and Planet" along with "Profit" by conserving and reusing materials, improving the work environment, and by going paperless.

New Podcasts
Ep 224:
How to Apply Lean in Different Countries
Guest: James Newell
James shares what it's like practicing lean in Germany.
Ep 223:
How to Apply Lean to the Government
Guest: Justin Kenney
Justin explains how he applies lean to the Vermont state government.
Ep 222:
How to Sustain Improvements
Guest: Brian DeVries
Brian discusses what it takes to make improvements stick.
Ep 221:
How to Think Scientifically
Guest: Stephen Derksen
Steven discusses the value of solving problems in a scientific manner.
New Blog Posts
When Fish Fly
by Jon Miller
Jon emphasizes the value of an enriched employee-customer experience.
Thinking About Thinking
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin shares some thoughts on questioning how we think to ensure we're aware of bias.
Unlocking the Power of Continuous Improvement
by Ron Pereira
Ron explains how the key to real, significant change lies in scientific thinking.
Set Full Sail
by Steve Kane
Steve explains how a lean journey really begins.
Customer Success Corner

Eisenhower once said "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything." His statement was in the context of military operations. The same holds true in continuous improvement.

The value of planning is the understanding of where you're headed, where you are, your next milestone, and a general understanding of the potential obstacles or challenges ahead. Once these items are understood, the plan itself is worthless, as Eisenhower put it, because circumstances and conditions change minute to minute. The knowledge of where you're headed, where you're coming from, and the milestones to be reached help us determine what obstacles to clear and how to adjust our approach to making progress.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
AME International Conference
29 October - 1 November, San Diego

This year's AME conference, the largest lean conference in the world, will be in San Diego the last week of October.

With the theme Create Waves of Excellence, the AME Conference will explore ways to accelerate your journey toward excellence. Come learn from the leading and bleeding edge practices of other pioneering continuous improvement practitioners, and go home with new ideas and insights.

Use discount code GEMBA10 to save 10% on the conference registration!

More information

Lean Accounting & Management Summit
20-21 September 2018 - Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Lean Accounting Summit has long served the accounting community by exploring accounting’s role in measuring and motivating the lean enterprise. The goal of this Summit has been to better align Accounting with Operations inside of an organization. We’ve taken this one step further by intentionally bringing in a mix of Management-related topics that are outside of accounting directly, but closely connected to accounting.

More information

Lean Tip of the Month
“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.”
- Henry Ford
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