We just released our latest course, TWI Job Methods. Coming in July is a Gemba Academy Live! at Texas Nameplate, as well as the Spanish version of Built In Quality.

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New Videos
New Videos: TWI Job Methods Course
School of Lean

We just released the third course in our Training Within Industry series: TWI - Job Methods.

Job Methods is the TWI component that trains leaders how to improve their work processes and procedures through an easy to follow four step method. As with our previous TWI courses on Job Instruction and Job Relations, this course includes real-world activities at a real company, in this case Tactical Walls.

New Spanish Course: Culture of Kaizen
Escuela Lean

Our new Cultura Kaizen (Culture of Kaizen) course, fully produced in Spanish, is now available! Learn about 5 interesting chemicals in our brains, persuasion methods, how to nurture a highly efficient culture, and more.

This continues our Escuela Lean project of providing our School of Lean courses completely translated into Spanish, with native Spanish-speaking presenters.

Contact us or sign up to receive a 3 day full access trial to Escuela Lean.

New Podcasts
Ep 220:
How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Lean Success
Guest: Mohamed Aref
Mohamed Aref describes practicing lean in Egypt, and how his company has sustained their lean success.
Ep 219:
How to Adopt the Best Mindset for Lean
Guest: Kyle Kumpf
Kyle Kumpf warns of the dangers of criticizing people instead of processes.
Ep 218:
How to Harness the Power of A3 Thinking
Guest: Brad Brown
Captain Brad Brown of the Grand Rapids fire department explains how they use A3 Thinking.
Ep 217:
How to Gemba Academy Practices Lean
Guest: Leslie Moles & Jennifer Scott
Leslie Moles and Jennifer Scott share what it's like practicing lean at Gemba Academy.
New Blog Posts
How to Take a Trail, or Not
by Jon Miller
Jon stresses the positive effects of trust and compassion on company culture.
Using Solitude and Silence to Enable Personal Reflection
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin shares what it was like spending a weekend at a Benedictine monastery.
How Do You Walk the Gemba?
by Ron Pereira
Ron announces a future GA course centered around the gemba walk.
Set Full Sail
by Steve Kane
Steve explains how a lean journey really begins.
Customer Success Corner

Eisenhower once said "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything." His statement was in the context of military operations. The same holds true in continuous improvement.

The value of planning is the understanding of where you're headed, where you are, your next milestone, and a general understanding of the potential obstacles or challenges ahead. Once these items are understood, the plan itself is worthless, as Eisenhower put it, because circumstances and conditions change minute to minute. The knowledge of where you're headed, where you're coming from, and the milestones to be reached help us determine what obstacles to clear and how to adjust our approach to making progress.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
AME International Conference
29 October - 1 November, San Diego

This year's AME conference, the largest lean conference in the world, will be in San Diego the last week of October.

With the theme Create Waves of Excellence, the AME Conference will explore ways to accelerate your journey toward excellence. Come learn from the leading and bleeding edge practices of other pioneering continuous improvement practitioners, and go home with new ideas and insights.

Use discount code GEMBA10 to save 10% on the conference registration!

More information

Lean Coaching Summit
18-19 July 2018 - Seattle

The Lean Enterprise Institute and Lean Frontiers again offer to the lean community the annual Lean Coaching Summit, now entering its fourth year. The Summit will continue to lay the groundwork for coaching in the lean enterprise through a collaborative and hands-on learning environment. The Summit's mission is to move the lean enterprise from a vision of coaching excellence to reality, resulting in everyone in your organization being touched by persistent and patient coaching.

More information

Lean Tip of the Month
“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating.”
- Simon Sinek
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