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New Videos
New Course: Toyota Kata
School of Lean

We recently released our new course on Toyota Kata - Practice Makes Progress, combining studio-based instruction with real-world examples at a major company.

Kata will help your organization define the desired end state, obstacles to achieving that state, and how to run experiments to methodically move toward that desired state.

New Spanish Course: Gemba Glossary
Escuela Lean

We just launched our latest course in Spanish, the Gemba Glossary. This continues our Escuela Lean project of providing our School of Lean courses completely translated into Spanish, with native Spanish-speaking presenters.


New Podcasts
Ep 211:
How to Navigate a Kaizen Journey
Guest: Jeff Kaas
Jeff shares how he discovered kaizen and how it has changed his career and his company for the better.
Ep 210:
How to Identify and Counteract the Three Root Sins
Guest: Steve Kane
Ron and Steve Kane talk about the three root sins, and how they apply to both business and continuous improvement.
Ep 209:
How to Address Poverty with Lean-Like Thinking
Guest: Jacob Stoller and Mauricio Miller
Jacob and Mauricio discuss the Family Independence Initiative, and how an approach similar to lean can be used to eradicate poverty.
Ep 208:
How to Define Lean, Success, and Strategy
Guest: Michael Ballé and Jon Miller
Michael and Jon discuss using lean as a strategy for growth and innovation.
New Blog Posts
Too Good to Be True? Sustaining Kaizen for 20 Years
by Jon Miller
Jon reflects on our recent podcast with Jeff Kaas.
The Importance of Respect for People in Problem-Solving
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin explains how embracing different problem-solving behaviors embodies the spirit of Respect for People.
The Thinking Rat Race
by Ron Pereira
Ron warns of the dangers of overthinking when it comes to defining and debating the nature of lean.
Where Do I Start with Lean?
by Steve Kane
Steve explains why standards - and enforcing them - is important to lean.
Customer Success Corner

Daily interaction with the people we lead is our greatest opportunity to improve the organization. Take the time to teach, coach, mentor, and inspire. This is our greatest responsibility.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
AME International Conference
29 October - 1 November, San Diego

This year's AME conference, the largest lean conference in the world, will be in San Diego the last week of October.

With the theme Create Waves of Excellence, the AME Conference will explore ways to accelerate your journey toward excellence. Come learn from the leading and bleeding edge practices of other pioneering continuous improvement practitioners, and go home with new ideas and insights.

Use discount code GEMBA10 to save 10% on the conference registration!

More information

TWI & Kata Summit Europe
19-20 June 2018, Venice, Italy

Join your colleagues and learn from deep dives into TWI case studies or Kata case studies, with a healthy conversation of the two disciplines working in concert with one another. You’ll also hear keynote presentations from Toyota Kata author Mike Rother, and TWI author Patrick Graupp.

More information

2018 Canadian Lean Conference
4 - 7 June 2018, Winnipeg

Join 1000 leaders, managers and lean practitioners at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg to explore lean thinking, share enterprise excellence and learn lean best practices.

More information

Lean Tip of the Month
“Do not be afraid of improving slowly. Be afraid of standing still.”
- Leo Babauta
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