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New Videos
New Video: How Do I Get Started with Lean?
Gemba Talk

We're excited to announce a new video series called Gemba Talk! These videos are short answers to the most common questions we receive, and are availabe to everyone in our public Resources section.


Kata Course
School of Lean

We will soon be releasing a new course on Kata, combining studio-based instruction with real-world examples at a major aircraft company.

This could be the most powerful Gemba Academy course. Kata will help your organization define the desired end state, obstacles to achieving that state, and how to run experiments to methodically move toward that desired state. Therefore, it can be used in all areas of an organization, from project management to employee coaching.

New Podcasts
Ep 194:
How to Teach the Art of Continuous Improvement
Guest: Attila Dobai
Attila sheds some light on the people-side of continuous improvement.
Ep 193:
How to Leverage Pull Learning
Guest: Steve Cole and Carl Sanders-Edwards
Steve and Carl explain the Pull Learning approach.
Ep 192:
How to Use Visual Management
Guest: Julie Lushbough
Julie, who works for Hallmark Cards, shares her experiences with visual management.
Ep 191:
How to Reflect on the Roles of Fear and Love in Continuous Improvement
Guest: Renee Smith
Renee shares her fascinating findings on the roles of love and fear in continuous improvement.
Ep 190:
How to Use Lean in Software Development vs Operations
Guest: Tom and Mary Poppendieck
Tom and Mary explain implementing lean in software development versus in more traditional contexts.
New Blog Posts
We Have the Highest Quality Standards
by Jon Miller
Jon explains the difference between the quality of standards and the standard of quality.
Preparing for Reflection
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin describes his annual reflection ritual.
Top 10 Gemba Academy Blog Articles in 2017
by Ron Pereira
Ron shares our most popular blog articles of 2017, and of all time.
Happy Thanksgiving
by Steve Kane
Steve shares a special message from all of us at Gemba Academy.
Customer Success Corner

One of the challenges of Lean transformation is changing habits. The way any organization operates becomes a collection of systems, which then become habit. The same is true of the way we, as individuals, work or handle anything else in our daily routines.

Changing from a non-lean practice or habit to a lean one can be difficult. Here are some quick tips to begin making change.

  1. Focus on yourself. Changing others is beyond your control.
  2. Commit to improving only one lean at a time. Begin each day briefly reviewing the practice you are working to improve. Decide when and how you will take a small step that day to improve that practice.
  3. Reflect on what you've learned about the practice at the end of each day and consider opportunities to further improve. Acknowledge your errors and then forgive yourself. Celebrate your successes.
  4. Repeat this daily until the practice has become unconscious habit. This is the hard part and where real commitment comes into play.

Consistently working at it every day is key. The daily repetition is what it takes to both learn quickly and to make it stick. At the same time your practice will be an example for others to follow.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
TWI and Kata Summits
19-23 February, Atlanta

Lean Frontiers is presenting their annual TWI and Kata Summits back to back in Atlanta, Georgia, making it easy to immerse yourself in either or both of these great topics.

More information:

Lean Tip of the Month
“The Kaizen Philosophy assumes that our way of life - be it our working life, our social life, or our home life - deserves to be constantly improved.”
- Masaaki Imai
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