New Videos
TWI Job Relations (JR) Course
School of Lean

We recently announced the release of our two newest courses focused on the Job Relations (JR) component of Training Within Industry (TWI)!

TWI-JR for Learners: A 20 video studio-based course designed to teach the fundamentals of Job Relations.

TWI-JR for Facilitators: A 34 video classroom-based course designed to help facilitators effectively teach Job Relations. Learn how TWI-JR can be applied to a variety of real-world tasks.

Later this year we'll be bringing you courses on the Job Methods (JM) component of TWI.

A3 Thinking - in Spanish
Gemba Academy Español

We continue to add courses to our Gemba Academy Escuela Lean! A3 Thinking is the seventh course.

As a reminder, our Escuela Lean moves beyond simple Spanish captions to provide online training with native Spanish speakers and all associated content, such as quizzes and resources, also translated into Spanish.

Contact us if you would like a trial to Escuela Lean.

New Podcasts
Ep 176:
How to Be a Transformative Leader
Guest: Amir Ghannad
Author and Leadership Specialist Amir Ghannad explains what it means to be a transformative leader.
Ep 175:
How to Be Resilient
Guest: Ria Story
Author, speaker, and coach Ria Story shares her story of resilience and survival.
Ep 174:
How to Foster Leadership in the Blue Collar Workforce
Guest: Mack Story
Consultant and speaker Mack Story describes what true leadership looks like.
Ep 173:
How to Use A3 Thinking
Guest: Katie Anderson
Coach and consultant Katie Anderson discusses living in Japan and how A3 Thinking can be used for personal improvement.
New Blog Posts
What Lean Leaders Can Learn from the Humanities
by Jon Miller
Jon explains what lean leaders can learn from the humanities.
Walking (and Swimming, Biking, Running) the Talk
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin shares Paul Akers’ journey to better health and wellness.
The SELF Journal
by Ron Pereira
Ron reviews the SELF Journal, which can help you reach your goals in a lean way.
Why I Mow My Own Lawn
by Steve Kane
Steve describes the thinking behind his decision to mow his own lawn.
Customer Success Corner

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

A Lean transformation is rarely a simple endeavor. Quite often conversations with other Lean practitioners bring light to different perspectives to continuous improvement and problem solving. Gemba Academy subscribers have access to our team of Lean practitioners for advice. The best part is that this service is included with Gemba Academy subscriptions at no additional charge.

As an example, a Gemba Academy subscriber was challenged with solving a complex quality documentation approval process problem. Documentation started where production occurred. When production was complete, the documents were transported five miles away to an office facility and were filed for review and approval. The approval process had many interrupters.

This customer worked with Gemba Academy's Customer Success team to complete a value stream map using video conferencing and screen share technology. This helped us fully understand the current state and the complexity of the process. After a few iterations of the map and some discussion on how best to measure cycles, the customer had what was needed to move forward.

With Gemba Academy, you never have to go it alone. Subscribers can schedule a call with the Gemba Academy Customer Success Team here.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
AME Annual Conference
9-13 October, Boston

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence will be holding its annual conference in Boston this October. This is the largest lean event in the world, designed for practitioners by practitioners.

Use code "Gemba10" to receive 10% off the registration price!

Lean Tip of the Month
“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
- Helmut Schmidt
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