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New Videos: TWI Summit 2017
Gemba Academy Live!

Earlier this year we attended the Lean Frontiers TWI Summit, and we're excited to bring you several videos of keynotes and presentations.

Watch Roger Bilas describe the relationship between Job Instruction and brain science, how TWI can help develop people that solve problems daily, and how TWI can help you teach.

Also learn how organizations like Baptist Healthcare, Cummins, and Woodbridge have successfully integrated TWI into their lean and continuous improvement programs.

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Practical Problem Solving - in Spanish
Gemba Academy Español

We continue to add courses to our Gemba Academy Escuela Lean! We began with 5S and Introductory Topics, then added The Seven Deadly Wastes and Transforming Your Value Streams, and now we are very excited to be releasing the next course, Practical Problem Solving!

As a reminder, our Escuela Lean moves beyond simple Spanish captions to provide online training with native Spanish speakers and all associated content, such as quizzes and resources, also translated into Spanish.

The next course we'll add will be Workplace Visualization, followed by Standard Work.

New Podcasts
Ep 163:
Addressing the Human Side of Lean
Guest: Rick Timlick
Rick Timlick is a lean consultant. Rick shared how he helps organizations with their lean journeys, with a specific emphasis on the human component
Ep 162:
Continuous Improvement in the U.S. Air Force
Guest: Damien Hocquard
Damien Hocquard is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Ron and Damien discussed Damien’s lean journey working within the U.S. Air Force CPI (Continuous Process Improvement) program.
Ep 161:
Succeeding at Job Relations
Guest: Ron Pereira
Gemba Academy's Ron Pereira discusses one of the three components of TWI, Job Relations (JR). He reviews the different steps, explains how to be successful at it, and shares an example from his personal life.
Ep 160:
The Power of Job Methods
Guest: Steve Brenneman
Steve Brenneman is CEO of the Aluminum Trailer Company. In this powerful and informative talk,from this year's TWI Summit, Steve shares how ATC uses Job Methods, one of the components of TWI.
New Blog Posts
Brain Science on How Lean Works
by Jon Miller
Jon reviews the lean lessons in The Leading Brain.
Waste Whack-a-Mole
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin describes the never-ending process of identifying waste.
Will Gemba Academy Put You Out of a Job?
by Ron Pereira
Ron explains how and why a Gemba Academy subscription does not replace people.
Following Their Moral Compass
by Steve Kane
Steve Illustrates why you should be completely honest about your product.
Customer Success Corner

Any journey begins with an idea or understanding of where one is going and why. When working with other people, communicating their destination and purpose is essential to getting the group to move together. Long journeys require frequently regrouping to remind the team of the destination and purpose and also to reassess the current state.

The Lean Journey Map is a simple visual tool to improve communication and clarify the future state, current state, obstacles, and countermeasures. It gives a team something to point at to answer the questions "Where are we?" and "Where are we going?"

See an example of the Lean Journey Map here.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
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AME Annual Conference
9-13 October, Boston

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence will be holding its annual conference in Boston this October. This is the largest lean event in the world, designed for practitioners by practitioners.

Click here for more information and to register.

Lean Tip of the Month
“Sometimes no problem is a sign of a different problem.”
- Mark Rosenthal
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