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Training Within Industry (TWI) Overview
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We're excited to announce the release of our two newest courses focused on the Job Instruction (JI) component of Training Within Industry (TWI)!

Learning TWI is very experiential, therefore for the first time we have two courses for this concept:

TWI-JI for Learners: A 24 video studio-based course designed to teach the fundamentals of Job Instruction.

TWI-JI for Facilitators: A 67 video classroom-based course designed to help facilitators effectively teach Job Instruction. Learn how TWI-JI can be applied to a variety of real-world tasks.

Later this year we'll be bringing you courses on the Job Methods (JM) and Job Relations (JR) components of TWI.

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New Podcasts
Ep 155:
Toyota Kata and the Power of Networking
Guest: Christopher Ferrier
We met up with Christopher Ferrie at the TWI/KataCon conference in San Diego, California. Ron and Christopher talked about Toyota Kata, the power of networking, ultramarathons, and more.
Ep 154:
The Real Meaning of Lean
Guest: Art Byrne
Art Byrne is an author and highly respected lean leader. Ron and Art discussed Art’s lean journey, including his days as CEO of Wiremold.
Ep 153:
From Tiffany & Co. to Toyota
Guest: Josh Sanchez
Josh Sanchez, a continuous improvement practitioner with a fascinating background. Josh worked for Tiffany & Co. before landing a job at Toyota, and is now transitioning into a healthcare role. Ron and Josh discussed what it’s like to practice continuous improvement in these different environments.
Ep 152:
TWI, Kata, and Respect for People
Guest: Skip Steward and Brandon Brown
We had the pleasure of interviewing Skip Steward and Brandon Brown while attending the KataCon/TWI Summits in San Diego. They both shared a lot of valuable insight with us regarding TWI, Kata, Respect for People, and more.
New Blog Posts
Lean Thinking Questions for a Provider Delay Board
by Jon Miller
Your doctor is running a Provider Delay Board a lean solution? Jon explains.
A Painful Perspective from the Goofy Foot Pop Up
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin describes the roles of modification and adaptation in the lean journey.
Our Job Instruction Course is Available!
by Ron Pereira
Ron shares the details of our brand new TWI JI course.
Getting Executive Buy-In
by Steve Kane
Dealing with leadership that isn't on board with lean can be frustrating. Steve provides some countermeasures.
Customer Success Corner

Any continuous improvement journey can present plenty of challenges. Sometimes it can be helpful to speak with a lean practitioner outside the organization in order to get a different perspective. Gemba Academy's customer success team is here to help our subscribers with best practices, developing learning paths, problem solving, lean tools, or anything related to lean. We're here to remove the struggle from continuous improvement and are happy to help.

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AME Annual Conference
9-13 October, Boston

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence will be holding its annual conference in Boston this October. This is the largest lean event in the world, designed for practitioners by practitioners.

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Lean Tip of the Month
“Sometimes no problems is a sign of a different problem.”
- Mark Rosenthal
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