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Training Within Industry (TWI) Overview
School of Lean

We are wrapping up production of our new Training Within Industry course focusing on Job Instruction, which will be released in February. The first overview video is now available to view without registration.

New Podcasts
Ep 146:
How to Innovate
Guest: Geoff Cox
Geoff Cox is a Production Manager for a high-tech laser measurement company. Ron and Geoff talked about innovation, specifically how Geoff and his team go about generating and implementing new ideas.
Ep 145:
How to Grow as a Lean Leader
Guest: Edward Gemin
Edward Gemin is a lean consultant with a background in the automotive and appliance industries. Ron and Edward discussed Edward’s lean journey, including past projects and other lean experiences.
Ep 144:
How to Apply Toyota Kata
Guest: Amy Mervak
Amy Mervak is Chief Quality and Compliance Officer at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan. Ron and Amy talked about Toyota Kata, and how she and her team have been able to apply it.
Ep 143:
Embracing the Fear of Failure
Guest: Ron Pereira
Ron discusses failure, specifically our fear of it. Featuring an empowering message from Jocko Willink, a retired US Navy SEAL, this episode is a great way to kick off the new year.
Ep 142:
How to Engage People
Guest: Jess Orr
Jess Orr is a Six Sigma Black Belt at WestRock, a large packaging company. Ron and Jess discussed Jess’s Toyota background and the importance of employee engagement.
New Blog Posts
Amps, Watts, Volts, Ohms and Lean Effectiveness
by Jon Miller
Jon uses the principles of Electrical Engineering as a metaphor for lean.
A Time to Read and Reflect
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin reflects on his 2016 goals, including what he read.
The Obstacle is the Way
by Ron Pereira
Ron reviews stoicism and a recently-read book, The Obstacle is the Way.
How Do I Teach My Team?
by Steve Kane
Steve shares his approach to teaching others.
Customer Success Corner

Teamwork is an important part of continuous improvement. Being part of a specific and identifiable team helps establish a sense of belonging and significance. Meeting these two basic human needs contributes to higher morale and greater contribution. Giving the team ownership and responsibility for their processes helps drive continuous improvement.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
Kata & TWI Summits
21-22 February, San Diego, California

Next year Lean Frontiers will hold its Kata and TWI Summits together in San Diego. Attend one or both!

Here’s your chance to connect or reconnect with the rapidly growing world of Improvement Kata and TWI. The Summits emphasize experiential learning so practitioners, trainers and consultants can integrate practice into their teams and organizations. This conference goes beyond concepts by equipping attendees to train and practice at home.

Use code "Gemba" to receive 10% off!

Click here for more information and to register.

Lean Tip of the Month
“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
- Henry Ford
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