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We've just released a new video series: Workplace Introduction to Lean in Spanish in Gemba Academy Español.

New podcast and blog post topics over the past month include TWI, lean in Japan, kata in service excellence, and how to be counteract cognitive biases.

As we approach the end of the year it's time to start planning for 2017. How can Gemba Academy's 1000+ lean and six sigma training videos support your continuous improvement efforts?

New Videos
Introduction to Lean - in Spanish!
Gemba Academy Español

One of our most popular courses, Introduction to Lean is now available with Spanish-speaking presenters, captions, resources, and more as part of Gemba Academy Español.

The next Spanish course we'll add will be Practical Problem Solving.

New Podcasts
Ep 141:
Practicing Continuous Improvement in Japan
Guest: Zuhara Chavez
Zuhara Chavez is an Industrial Engineer and PhD student currently living in Japan, researching mapping tools and other continuous improvement concepts. Ron and Zuhara discussed her work, what continuous improvement is like in Japan, and more.
Ep 140:
How to Use Your Lean Skillset in Different Settings
Guest: John Chacon
John Chacon is a Continuous Improvement Advisor at Black & Veatch and a former U.S. Marine. Ron and John discussed John’s lean journey, specifically how he has applied his skills to the different phases of his career.
Ep 139:
How to Use Job Breakdowns
Guest: Kyle House
Kyle House is a lean practitioner with a TWI background. Ron and Kyle explored the job breakdown aspect of Job Instruction, specifically how to use the breakdowns and why they’re helpful.
Ep 138:
How to Use Kata to Create Service Excellence
Guest: Karyn Ross
Karyn Ross is an author and lean practitioner who specializes in applying continuous improvement in a service context. Ron and Karyn discussed Coaching Kata, the role of creativity, her book, and much more.
New Blog Posts
Lean Practices to Counter Cognitive Biases
by Jon Miller
Jon discusses cognitive biases, and what they have to do with lean management.
A Change of Pace
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin describes the importance of slowing down to observe.
Two Productivity Hacks Worth Trying
by Ron Pereira
Ron shares two of his favorite productivity hacks.
Facing the Firing Squad
by Steve Kane
Steve examines some of the emotional complications of process improvement.
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Customer Success Corner

Continuous improvement is inherently continuous change. It's fairly common to think that people fear change. I'm not so sure this is accurate. Sur-Seal CEO Mick Wilz made this clear when he said during a workshop "People don't fear change, they fear uncertainty."

Resistance is normal and should be expected when people don't understand what is being done or why. This can be a major obstacle in lean transformation. We need everyone in the organization to support the changes being made in order to be successful on our continuous improvement journey. We're more likely to gain support, or at least minimize resistance, when we over-communicate.

Make sure everyone in the organization repeatedly hears and sees the vision and mission. Add to this the reasons for pursuing lean, operational excellence, or perfection (however you prefer to state it). It's critical to explain why changes are being made, how they will be made, and what success looks like.

If we ask a team of people to walk down an unfamiliar path in the dark, the will move slowly if at all. Shed light on the path ahead, they'll be able run.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
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Lean Tip of the Month
“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”
- Benjamin Franklin
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