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We’ve got a lot of exciting content in the works. Visual Management is a new type of series that combines in-studio training with real life examples. Our Transforming Your Value Streams course will be re-released in Spanish. For the first time, we’ll have a course specifically about TWI, or Training WIthin Industry. There’s a lot to look forward to!

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New Videos
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New Lean Videos Coming Later This Year!
School of Lean, Gemba Academy Live!

We'd like to update you on some of the new video series we're working on.

Coming over the next few months:

  • Visual Management: A new type of video series that will combine studio-based instruction with real-life examples from our Gemba Academy Live! series.
  • Transforming Your Value Streams - in Spanish: Continuing our series of Spanish-based courses in the new Gemba Academy en Español.
  • Training Within Industry (TWI): A new School of Lean course on TWI.
  • Gemba Academy Live! at the City of Grand Rapids: Adding to our Government series in the Gemba Academy Live! group.
  • Refreshed Introduction to Lean: a refresh of our popular Introduction to Lean video, with examples from multiple industries.

Take a look at the 1000+ videos we've already created over the past seven years:

These videos will be available to our Learning Library, Learning System, and Enterprise/LMS integration customers.

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Dealing With the 7 Deadly Wastes - in Spanish!
Gemba Academy Español

Recently, we announced the launch of Gemba Academy Español! We began with 5S and now we are very excited to be releasing the next course, The Seven Deadly Wastes!

As a reminder, anyone that purchases a subscription to the School of Lean - Español will lock in their pricing at only $795 USD per site, per year! Locking in your price will guarantee this low introductory rate as we continue to add additional content.

The next course will be Transforming Your Value Streams.

Do you already subscribe to Gemba Academy? Contact us today for a free extended trial of The School of Lean – Español.

New Podcasts
Whether you’re on-the-go, in the office, or at home, the Gemba Academy podcast is the perfect addition to your continuous improvement journey. Our guests come from all different backgrounds and industries, so there’s really something for everyone.

Here’s a rundown of our latest episodes:
Ep 129:
How to Apply Lean to Agriculture
Guest: Jeff Duarte
Located in Hughson, California, Ron and Jeff Duarte discussed Duarte Nursery’s lean journey and what they’ve learned so far.
Ep 128:
How to Implement Lean Efforts That Last
Guest: Amanda Culver
Amanda Culver has over 10 years of experience with Lean and Six Sigma, especially as it applies to Pharmaceuticals. She shared a lot of valuable insight with us, including her take on why organizations struggle to sustain their continuous improvement efforts.
Ep 127:
How to Apply Lean to Different Industries
Guest: Gary Beaudette
Ron and consultant Gary Beaudette discussed Gary’s career thus far, the different industries he’s applied lean to, and more.
Ep 126:
Scalling Lean
Guest: Ash Maurya
Ash Maurya, an entrepreneur in the Lean Startup realm, explained how lean applies to entrepreneurship and discussed his books, Running Lean and Scaling Lean.
New Blog Posts
A deep dive into lean theory, thoughts on leadership, ruminations on applying lean outside the box. Each week you can read something a little different on the Gemba Academy Blog!

Here are some of the most recent posts:
Better Decisions Through Headspace Mapping
by Jon Miller
Jon explores the lean approach to better decision-making, including how empathy mapping works.
The Value of Depth and Detail
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin laments the loss of depth and detail in a sound bite driven world.
Lean Thinker Challenge #9
by Ron Pereira
Your boss isn’t exactly onboard with lean. What do you do?
Protect the Process
by Steve Kane
Steve emphasizes the importance of standardizing, protecting, and improving processes.
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Customer Success Corner

Military personnel in groups of three or more get from point A to point B by marching in formation. Soldiers practice relentlessly to execute each movement with precision and in unison. While this can be an impressive site, the reasons for marching go beyond appearances. Marching is the most efficient way to get a team from one place to another on foot.

If each member of the team walks or runs independently, some will go faster than others. Some could become exhausted just trying to keep up with the faster teammates. Unit cohesion breaks down and the team is less effective. The countermeasure is to organize the team into a file formation and have each team member stride together 30 inches per step at a controlled cadence. The team arrives at its destination together, eliminating waste, and ready to take on the task at hand. The individual team members slow down and reduce the physical burden on themselves while the unit actually speeds up.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Think about how this concept of smooth flow can be applied in your organization.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
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Lean Tip of the Month
"Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before."
- Shigeo Shingo
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