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Spring has brought some exciting changes to Gemba Academy. We've refreshed our 7 Deadly Wastes course, adding brand new examples to demonstrate application to industries beyond manufacturing. Our website has also been revamped to include improved search and navigation functionality. Stay tuned for more changes in the upcoming months!
New Videos
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Seven Deadly Wastes Course - Refreshed!
School of Lean

We just released our refreshed Dealing With the Seven Deadly Wastes course, featuring our own Jennifer Scott! This refreshed course includes examples and application to service and office environments, as well as manufacturing.

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State of Connecticut
Gemba Academy Live! - Coming in June!
Ron and the Gemba Academy team visited with twenty agencies in the State of Connecticut to understand how lean and continuous improvement is being applied to government. This 40+ video series is a collaboration with the Lean Enterprise Institute, and will be released in June.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Gemba Academy Live! - Coming in July!
Ron and the Gemba Academy team visited with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to learn how lean and continuous improvement is being applied to government. This video series is a collaboration with the Lean Enterprise Institute, and will be released in July.
New Webinars
Coming up in our occasional webinar series. Subscribers can view previous webinars here.
29 June 2016, 1pm ET:
Investing in People
Speaker: Jamie Parker

FedEx's Jamie Parker will join us to discuss the importance of investing in people to overcome bumps in the road and drive sustainable business results.

Can't make it? A recording will be emailed to all participants afterwards, so register anyways!


New Podcasts
Whether you’re on-the-go, in the office, or at home, the Gemba Academy podcast is the perfect addition to your continuous improvement journey. Our guests come from all different backgrounds and industries, so there’s really something for everyone.

Here’s a rundown of our latest episodes:
Ep 111:
How to Teach Continuous Improvement
Guest: Dr. Bradley Miller
Dr. Bradley Miller is a professor at the University of Houston. Brad explained to us how he teaches his students about continuous improvement, and how they then apply those skills to real life situations..
Ep 110:
How to Use Apps to Improve Your Life
Guest: Kevin Holesh
Kevin is a professional app developer who created Moment, which helps users track how much time they’re spending on their phones. While not specifically about continuous improvement, topics like mindfulness and innovation make this episode relevant to all lean thinkers.
Ep 109:
How to Leverage Toyota Kata
Guest: Brandon Brown
Brandon is the owner of Continuous Coaching Commitment LLC and an associate with the W3 Group LLC. Brandon shared his knowledge of Toyota Kata with us, and explained how it complements TWI.
Ep 108:
How to Use Job Relations to Solve Problems
Guest: Oscar Roche
Oscar is a Director at the TWI Institute Australia and Visual Workplace Australasia. Oscar and Ron discussed TWI, with a particular emphasis on the JR, or Job Relations component.
New Blog Posts
A deep dive into lean theory, thoughts on leadership, ruminations on applying lean outside the box. Each week you can read something a little different on the Gemba Academy Blog!

Here are some of the most recent posts:
How to Solve Problems in Just Five Days
by Jon Miller
Jon reviews the book "Sprint" and explains how the five-day workshop approach relates to a kaizen event.
The Reward of Just Doing It
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin reflects on the process of writing his new book The Simple Leader, and why finishing it feels so rewarding.
Two Apps that have Changed My Life
by Ron Pereira
Ron explains how two mobile apps have significantly improved his life.
A Supervisor's Strategy to Make Lean Stick
by Steve Kane
Steve describes how a production supervisor he knows integrated lean learning with manufacturing skills training.
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Customer Success Corner

Completion of the Kaizen Event is the Beginning

Kaizen events can be exciting. A problem has been identified, a team assembled, countermeasures selected, and time scheduled. We put a great deal of energy into implementing an improvement with the event. When we're done, it's easy to fall into a dangerous trap. The trap is thinking thinking that we've just completed an improvement. This mindset could be the difference between moving forward and backsliding.

It's important to think of the completion of a kaizen event as the beginning of an improvement and not the end. Often it is necessary to follow up frequently, even daily, to ensure the recent change becomes standardized. This could mean unlearning old habits while building new ones.

As a baseball or golf coach might tell you, hitting the ball is critical, but we won't get the results we want if we don't follow through with proper form.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
The Summit on Lean Leadership
21-22 June 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina

This arguably is the most concentrated gathering of experienced lean leaders on the planet where specific lean leadership principles and practices will be explored. Attendance for this event is limited to less than 100 participants to maximize your opportunity to interact personally with these proven leaders.

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AME Annual Conference
24-28 October 2016 in Dallas, Texas
The largest lean and continuous improvement conference in the world, with nine keynote speakers, 54 presentations, 40 tours, 12 special interest sessions and 40 workshops to provide you with a transformational learning experience like no other.

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Lean Tip of the Month
"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves."
- Ray Kroc
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