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Our Gemba Academy Live! series brings our content to life by showcasing companies in the midst of their continuous improvement journeys. Most recently, our team visited Franciscan Health in Indianapolis, where we got a firsthand look at the changes being made by nurses, doctors, and staff alike. Subscribers can enjoy this brand new series here.
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Franciscan Health
Gemba Academy Live!

Ron and the Gemba Academy team recently visited Franciscan Health in Indianapolis to see lean and continuous improvement in action in a hospital environment. This new 30 video series shows how they apply lean and kaizen to the NICU, ER, pharmacy, and even their coffee maker!

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7 Deadly Wastes - Refreshed - Coming in May!
School of Lean
We are wrapping up editing and production of our refreshed Dealing With the Seven Deadly Wastes course, featuring our own Jennifer Scott! This refreshed course includes examples and application to service and office environments, as well as manufacturing.
State of Connecticut - Coming in June!
Gemba Academy Live!
Earlier this month Ron and the Gemba Academy team visited with twenty agencies in the State of Connecticut to understand how lean and continuous improvement is being applied to government. This video series is a collaboration with the Lean Enterprise Institute.
New Podcasts
Whether you’re on-the-go, in the office, or at home, the Gemba Academy podcast is the perfect addition to your continuous improvement journey. Our guests come from all different backgrounds and industries, so there’s really something for everyone.

Here’s a rundown of our latest episodes:
Ep 107:
How to Leverage TWI
Guest: Patrick Graupp
Patrick Graupp, Senior Master Trainer at the TWI Institute, gave us an overview of TWI, or Training Within Industry, including a brief breakdown of the three main components.
Ep 106:
How to Understand the Nature of Transformation
Guest: Darlene Dumont
Dr. Darlene Dumont, the Public Service Program Director for LEI, shared some of the projects she’s worked on throughout her impressive career and explained the value of the Lean Transformation Framework in understanding your lean journey.
Ep 105:
How to Improve Your Business with Change Management
Guest: Paul Brand
Paul Brand, a change management consultant from the Netherlands, wrote a book called "Change Your Mind, Change Your Business," and he shared with us why he wrote it, what it’s about, and how change management relates to lean.
Ep 104:
How to Apply Lean to Your State
Guest: Alison Fisher
Alison Fisher, the Program Director of Lean CT, oversees the lean efforts for the entire state of Connecticut, which is obviously no small feat. Alison gave us her take on how lean can be applied to the government.
New Blog Posts
A deep dive into lean theory, thoughts on leadership, ruminations on applying lean outside the box. Each week you can read something a little different on the Gemba Academy Blog!

Here are some of the most recent posts:
To Be a Lean Coach, Know the Wrong Answers
by Jon Miller
Jon examines the nature of coaching and its role in a lean environment.
A Break to Reflect and Unlearn
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin stresses the importance of taking a break to relax, recharge, and refocus.
Looking Back On All My Children Have Taught Me
by Ron Pereira
After welcoming his seventh child, Ron reminisces on all his children have taught him.
More Than Metrics
by Steve Kane
Steve reflects on how not everything that counts can be counted.
Inspiring a Bias for Action
by Jamie Parker
In this guest post, seasoned lean practitioner Jamie Parker reflects on the true value of teaching lean methodology to others.
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Customer Success Corner

Mastering lean is much like mastering a sport. Consistently good results are the outcome of consistently good daily practice. Great athletes practice fundamentals relentlessly. Lean practitioners should do the same.

Here are some fundamentals of lean:

  • Create value from the customer's point of view: deliver what the customer needs only at the time the customer needs it
  • Pull to maintain smooth flow through the process
  • Never pass a defect down stream
  • Stop and fix problems when they occur
  • Seek perfection through continuous (daily) improvement

Mastering the fundamentals is essential for long term success. When the results are less than desired, closely examine performance in each fundamental area. Like a golfer practicing her swing over and over and over focusing in grip, backswing, hip rotation, etc., we lean practitioners must also break down our value streams' performance into basic elements and PDCA.

Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
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TWI and Lean HR Summits
12-13 May 2016 in San Antonio, Texas

The TWI Summit and Lean HR Summits are pleased to have Gemba Academy's Ron Pereira as keynote speaker. Join your continuous improvement, training, and HR professionals as together we explore the "people side of lean."

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AME Annual Conference
24-28 October 2016 in Dallas, Texas
The largest lean and continuous improvement conference in the world, with nine keynote speakers, 54 presentations, 40 tours, 12 special interest sessions and 40 workshops to provide you with a transformational learning experience like no other.

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Lean Tip of the Month
"Don't find fault, find a remedy."
- Henry Ford
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