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It's been a big month for Gemba Academy, with our 7th Anniversary Promotion in full swing! We also have two new Gemba Academy Live! video series coming out very soon.
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Fireblast Global - Coming next week!
Gemba Academy Live!
Steve Kane and the Gemba Academy team just returned from a visit to Fireblast Global in California. As you can tell from the image above, this video series will be one of our most dramatic and dangerous, which is why we sent Steve! Remember: subscribers have access to all new content. Watch the trailer!
Franciscan Health - Coming in April!
Gemba Academy Live!
Ron and the Gemba Academy team visit Franciscan Health in Indiana to see Lean and continuous improvement in action in a hospital. This 30 video series is complete and will be released on March 1st. Remember: subscribers have access to all new content.
New Podcasts
Whether you’re on-the-go, in the office, or at home, the Gemba Academy podcast is the perfect addition to your continuous improvement journey. Our guests come from all different backgrounds and industries, so there’s really something for everyone.

Here’s a rundown of our latest episodes:
Ep 100:
How to Survive
Guest: Matthew May
Matt shares the story of how he died, twice (yes, you read that right), told from a profound lean-thinking perspective.
Ep 99:
How to Motivate People
Guest: Ron Pereira
The audio version of a keynote presentation Ron gave to The Woodbridge Group, a Canadian company and Gemba Academy customer. This episode contains a lot of great information on both motivation and culture.
Ep 98:
How to Apply Lean to Sales and Marketing
Guest: Joe Dager
Joe discusses the many ways continuous improvement can be used to improve the sales and marketing aspects of your business.
Ep 97:
How to Apply Lean to the Military
Guest: Samuel Selay
Samuel, a Continuous Improvement Manager for the United States Marines Corps, discusses his continuous improvement journey and some of the incredible projects he’s done with the military.
New Blog Posts
A deep dive into lean theory, thoughts on leadership, ruminations on applying lean outside the box. Each week you can read something a little different on the Gemba Academy Blog!

Here are some of the most recent posts:
Why Leaders Don't Counter Biases for "Why Organizations Don't Learn"
by Jon Miller
Jon discusses how leaders must model the behaviors they expect from their organizations.
The Other Flow of Csíkszentmihályi
by Kevin Meyer
Kevin describes how a psychologist's description of individual flow is remarkably similar to lean flow.
Looking Back On All My Children Have Taught Me
by Ron Pereira
After welcoming his seventh child, Ron reminisces on all his children have taught him.
Say No
by Steve Kane
Steve shares how he stays focused on the most critical goals.
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Customer Success Corner
Continuous improvement is inherently continuous change. It's fairly common to think that people fear change. I'm not so sure this is accurate. Sur-Seal CEO Mick Wilz made this clear when he said during a workshop "People don't fear change, the fear uncertainty."

Resistance is normal and should be expected when people don't understand what is being done or why. This can be a major obstacle in lean transformation. We need everyone in the organization to support the changes being made in order to be successful on our continuous improvement journey. We're more likely to gain support, or at least minimize resistance, when we over-communicate. Make sure everyone in the organization repeatedly hears and sees the vision and mission. Add to this the reasons for pursuing lean, operational excellence, or perfection (however you prefer to state it). It's critical to explain why changes are being made, how they will be made, and what success looks like.

If we ask a team of people to walk down an unfamiliar path in the dark, the will move slowly if at all. Shed light on the path ahead, they'll be able run.
Steve Kane
Director of Customer Success
Upcoming events that you might be interested in.
TWI and Lean HR Summits
12-13 May 2016 in San Antonio, Texas

The TWI Summit and Lean HR Summits are pleased to have Gemba Academy's Ron Pereira as keynote speaker. Join your continuous improvement, training, and HR professionals as together we explore the "people side of lean."

For more information or to register to to
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AME Annual Conference
24-28 October 2016 in Dallas, Texas
The largest lean and continuous improvement conference in the world, with nine keynote speakers, 54 presentations, 40 tours, 12 special interest sessions and 40 workshops to provide you with a transformational learning experience like no other.

For more information or to register to to
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Smart Manufacturing Summit
5-7 April 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This year’s Smart Manufacturing Summit is being co-hosted by the CEO of Harley-Davidson, Matt Levatich. We will learn close up how Harley and other leading manufacturing companies are leveraging new technologies, advancing their lean and continuous improvement programs, and applying workforce best practices to their reduce costs and improve quality and speed.

For more information or to register, visit
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Lean Tip of the Month
"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."
- James Joyce
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