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Lean and Six Sigma can be used to help solve critical social issues and improve lives on a global scale. Learn how to remove waste in all its forms so you can provide more value to the populations you serve. Empower team members by equipping them with better communication skills and invaluable leadership insight.

Our site-based subscription model and dynamic video content make continuous improvement methodologies accessible, engaging, and inspiring.

What Can Lean and Six Sigma Do for You?

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CCBRT, or Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania, provides critical medical care to disabled individuals, pregnant women, and newborn babies. Located in Dar es Salaam, the CCBRT team has used lean as a way to improve patient and staff safety, streamline administrative processes, and much more. We are proud to have partnered with them for a Gemba Academy Live! series.

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Customer Success

Whether you're a small local charity or an international non-profit, we will work with you to find a subscription package that best meets your needs. Some of our customers have included:

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Below is a sample of just some of our training material, specific to Non-Profits.

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