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We have the manufacturing industry to thank for Lean and Six Sigma. Both methodologies are used by manufacturers across the globe, and their applications to the factory floor are more relevant than ever. From slashing production times, to minimizing material waste, to promoting employee safety, there are so many ways continuous improvement can revolutionize your organization. Our engaging video content and site-based subscription model are designed to inspire changes that yield real, long-term results.

What Can Lean and Six Sigma Do for You?

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FastCap is famous for making small, often simple improvements that together make the Washington-based tool manufacturer an incredibly efficient and successful organization. Inspired by concepts like Poka-Yoke and 5S, FastCap uses kaizen foam, color-coded tools, and even scooters to make work easier and more fun. We believe that continuous improvement doesn’t have to be complicated, and FastCap is a great example of that.

Customer Success

Whether you're a small local business or a huge international corporation, we will work with you to find a subscription package that best meets your needs. Some of our manufacturing customers have included:

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Below is a sample of just some of our training material, specific to Lean Manufacturing.

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