Kata Implementation Training with Gemba Academy

By Jay Chatten, Black Belt / Master Black Belt Candidate, Paperworks Industries Inc.

Jay Chatten Paperworks Headshot 2

The PaperWorks Industries facility located in Kitchener Ontario Canada recently completed its very first Kata training course with the aid of the Gemba Academy learning pathway tools. Our two day event was very successful with positive feedback from all attendees. The Gemba Academy videos and facilitator documentation was of great assistance and made the session run very smooth. The dominos exercise really developed the "personal process" of how improvement must occur; however, there were many points of reference to "it's not about the dominos!”. No participant will every look at dominos the same way again as they are now firmly implanted as developmental tools in mentor/mentee methods of Coaching / Improvement Kata.

We now have our first KATA "Geek" Team of five developing the implementation in our finishing department. The next step is to repeat the process to our second KATA "target" with training scheduled later this year.

Thanks to the Gemba Academy Learning System, we now have a useful and much respected method to close the gap in the management – operator relationship that will only better improve our success in lean implementation.