New Videos

  1. TWI Summit 2017

    TWI Summit 2017

    If you missed out on the 2017 TWI Summit, or want a refresh of the event, we have 8 video presentations now available!

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  2. Practical Problem Solving - Español

    Practical Problem Solving - Español

    Your Spanish speaking staff can now get to the root of all issues, after training with our new Practical Problem Solving course, with native Spanish presentation.

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  3. TWI JI for Learners & Facilitators

    TWI JI for Learners & Facilitators

    Our long awaited TWI JI course is now available in two editions: For Learners and For Training Facilitators

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  4. Introduction to Lean - Español

    Introduction to Lean - Español

    Where it all begins, our Introduction to Lean course is now available in native Spanish presentation!

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  5. Transforming Your Value Streams - Español

    Transforming Your Value Streams - Español

    Spanish speaking lean learners can now benefit from our Transforming Your Value Streams course, presented in native Spanish.  

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  6. Workplace Visualization

    Workplace Visualization

    A Lean workplace, is a visual workplace.  Learn more about Workplace Visualization aka Visual Management in our brand new School of Lean course!

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